Monday, March 15, 2010

Dripping Chanel

This is a tee I made for myself a couple of days ago.

- 3 pk men's Lg V-neck white tees : CVS $10
- Fabric Marker : local fabric store about $4
- stencil of "C" printed from home
- scissors

I used Microsoft Word to print out a large capital "C," as large as it could fit on the page, then i cut it out and used it as a stencil. I used a stencil so that my Cs could come out as even to eachother as possible. I had a picture of a dripping chanel necklace from the net as a reference. If you create your own version...or anything at all - I wana seee! :D

Cardigan ~ Wet Seal
Leggings ~ Styles
Shoes ~ Ross
Hair Extensions ~ Sally's Beauty Supply

I wore my tee out to a birthday dinner at Takara's (Happy Birthday Julz!) with some lovely friends who all appreciated my work :) *Yum, hot sake bombs*  Please do not drink and drive my loves, this means you too my blog lovers!! look at Julz so posh with her left hand (2nd pic), lol And yeaaaa...i wasnt quit ready for any of these! :p